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The Villafranca d’Asti site

The headquarters is located in Villafranca d’Asti a few meters from the A21 motorway, a few minutes from the 4 main airports in northern Italy and the port of Genoa, a structure capable of handling goods and equipment traffic to and from all over the world. Our structure boasts 24,000 square meters of surface area of ​​which 5,000 are covered to house the management and administrative offices, the workshop, the vehicle and building material warehouse.

The Warehouse

The warehouse for equipment and building materials occupies an area of ​​4,000 square meters of covered space and just as much space outside the warehouse. Two overhead cranes, a weight meter with a capacity of up to 60 tons, trolleys and cranes to store and move equipment and materials to and from construction sites in a timely and precise manner.

The Machines

The company has always equipped itself with the machines to carry out on its own most of the building, road and sewing works that customers have gradually requested. The fleet includes trucks, lorries with cranes, excavators, shovels, rollers, graders, pavers, drillers, telescopic elevators, platforms and all kinds of small equipment needed by construction sites to avoid having to depend on suppliers and hirers.

Steel rebar processing

We have dedicated an entire warehouse to the processing of steel for reinforced concrete. State-of-the-art machinery for rebar cutting and shaping, cutting carriage, stirrup bender, bending machines. The company is certified as a Transformation Center at the Italian Ministry of Public Works.

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